Portable Solar Power Generator All In One Set Solar Inverter System Feb 02, 2024

All in one solar energy storage

The All In One Generator will be helpful for solving the situation without power, suitable for lamps, radio, DVD, TV, fan, refrigerator, computer, small drill, communication equipment and other household appliances. Compared with the diesel generator, it has the characteristics of no noise, free energy supply, low running cost and now fumes.


*Low Frequengy pure sine wave
*With UPS automatic switching function, grid power charging function

*lt has perfect protection functions such as overload high voltage, low voltage, short circuit, etc.
*DSP Intelligent Chip Control, Excellent Performance

*Strong inverting capability, one-time soft start, triple output peak power, with all inductive loads
*Smart LCD display and setting(Working modes, Charge Current, Charge Voltage,charging on/of switch AC range input, battery voltage, Battery low voltage shutdown etc.)

*Full personalized LCD display, inverters can display various data information

*Mains priority mode, Battery priority mode, Energy saving priority, Generator mode, Mains priority unattended mode, Battery priority unattended mode, can be set freely to meet different occasions
*WiFi/RS485 remote monitoring communication (Optional)

*With MPPT solar charge controller 30-80A(Optional)

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