China’s solar PV installation capacity hits 216GW in 2023 Feb 01, 2024

China’s solar PV installation capacity hits 216GW in 2023

China’s newly installed solar PV capacity increase by 148% year-on-year.

The National Energy Administration of China has released the national electricity industry statistics for 2023 with new solar installations reaching 216.88GW last year, representing a year-on-year increase of 148.12%.

In December 2023, new solar PV installations amounted to 53GW, increasing by 144.24% year-on-year and representing nearly a quarter of the entire year’s solar capacity additions.

Source: National Energy Administration of China

Centralised PV power stations and distributed PV systems saw an addition of 82.7GW and 44.9GW respectively throughout the year.

Moreover, the growth of centralised solar PV installations surpassed distributed solar systems’ – a phenomenon that did not exist in previous years – due to plenty of large-scale solar projects connecting to the grid.

Last year, centralised PV installation capacity reached approximately 119GW, higher than distributed solar PV installation’s record of about 96GW.

The addition of solar system(off-grid/on-grid) will meet peoples' electricity needs and save electricity bills.

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