600W Portable Power Source Uasge Scenarios Jan 24, 2024

We can't just use energy in specific places, like our homes or factories, which has led to the invention of portable solar power stations.

Portable solar power station is a set of charge and discharge control, inverter, energy storage in one, the solar energy into electrical energy independent photovoltaic power supply system, is a high degree of integration of small photovoltaic power system.

Fine Camping

Portable power station for camping is an exquisite camping, self-driving tour, RV travel essential artifact!

Colorful appearance, suitable for different scenes, meet the aesthetic needs of each age group, having a portable lithium power station is equivalent to preparing a small portable charging station.

Portable power station for camping can access solar panels for fast charging, to achieve self-supply super endurance.

In outdoor camping through the power station for projection equipment transmission power, easily unlocking outdoor outdoor watching movies, learning recipes and skills, temporary meeting office and other convenient electricity experience, with family, travelers experience exquisite camping life. Out-of-the-box, safe and convenient, enjoy unlimited outdoor experiences!

Self-driving Tours

Portable power station for camping can provide 220V AC output, support USB-A output interface, USB-C output interface, car charger expansion interface, lighting torch, and even wireless charger to provide more power protection for users.

In the application of outdoor scenes, it can solve the problem of outdoor camping, picnic, and electronic equipment, and also meet the needs of users for heating water, cooking and other domestic electricity, which is suitable for small family camping and short-term road trips.

Outdoor Emergency

Li Xiaoman portable lithium power station adopts vehicle-level lithium iron phosphate battery, which has high reliability, strong mobility and is free from regional restrictions.

During the emergency rescue and rescue of natural disasters and accidents, it can provide powerful power guarantees for all kinds of electrical rescue equipment, communication equipment, lighting equipment, drones and other equipment.

Suitable for outdoor work, outdoor drill, outdoor rescue and other occasions.

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